Signatures de Paris 2

“Paris Signatories 2” presents artists who lived in the Cit√© Internationale des Arts studio in Paris and absorbed the charm, felt its freedom and elegance, enjoyed its audacity and rebellion and were educated through the Paris alternative scene.

German Bestseller “The End of Loneliness” by Benedict Wells

Benedict Wells’ name is buzzing all over Europe – at 36 he has already had four successful novels, and with “The End of Loneliness” has captured not only readers but also literary critics. More over, he has been recognized with notable literary awards, including the European Prize for Literature.

“Ethnography of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs” by Christian Lequesne

Mr Christian Lequesne, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Paris, will deliver a lecture in French and will present his book “Ethnography of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, ūüďć Thursday, February 20 at 17:00 The French Institute in Skopje.

“Adopt a Daddy” (French Movie Club)

Damien is a pawn in a primary school, and leads a quiet life. To rescue one of his young students, Bahzad, and his mother from imminent expulsion from the land, Damien reconnects with his parents’ militant past and convinces his sister M√©lanie, who has become a formidable business lawyer, her best friend Rudy and a bunch of unlikely pals to accompany him in his new fight. Together, they will break the law by solidarity. And very quickly to be completely exceeded .

Violin Classics

Conductor: Rumon Gamba (UK)
Soloist: Aleksandar Dimchevski – Violin (France / N. Macedonia)
1. McCann: Overture “Land of Mountain and Flood” *
M. Broch: Concert for violin and orchestra no. 1
A. Dvorak: Symphony no. 7, op. 70
* Premier performance in North Macedonia

Night of Ideas in Skopje



Night of Ideas is a traditional event, organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the network of French institutes around the world. This year, the Night of Ideas in Skopje is held on the topic of climate change and its consequences on human life and biodiversity.

=> Mr. Roche Domerigo, apitherapy specialist and author of numerous works, addressing: “Bees, Guardians of the Living World”

‚ÄěStudy in sLOVEnia‚Äú presentation

THINK brilliantly
LIVE beautifully,
LEARN fully
The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Skopje in cooperation with the universities in Slovenia invite you to participate in the presentation “Study in sLOVEnia” which will be held on February 6, 2020 in Skopje starting at 17:00 in hotel Alexander Palace, Skopje.
This presentation is designed for high school students in the Republic of Northern Macedonia in order to get acquainted with the educational system, lifestyle and practices of all benefits as a student in the Republic of Slovenia. The event is designed to be interactive by enabling students to receive answers to all questions related to studies in the Republic of Slovenia as well as information on student exchange opportunities and programs such as ERASMUS +, CEEPUS and bilateral scholarships.

“Once there was a forest” on the Franco-German relationsh

On the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the signing of the Elysee Treaty and the establishment of the Franco-German relationship, the Embassy of France and the Embassy of Germany are honored to invite you to a screening of the documentary

Director “Lake Shack” ‘s “The Secret of the Forest”

With Macedonian subtitles

The event will start with a cocktail party


Book Night!

Take your favorite comic book with you and come together to celebrate Book Night!

The Book Night event is organized at the initiative of the French Ministry of Culture in collaboration with various institutions and literary actors.

Desonanz: Kintsugi

Desonanz Festival closes the yearly programme with a premiere of a bold and unique performance – a multi-disciplinary ballet/dance performance conceived by Macedonian prima-ballerina Ivana Kocevska named “KINTSUGI” – a play about all traumas, injuries and the scars they leave behind. Can we run from them? Or can we acknowledge them? Take them in and take them with pride because they are something that contributes to our own life as part of the experiences that comprise our being?

Dance performance created by Ivana Kocevska
Original music composed by Kronom
Dancers are Valentino Apostolovski and Ivana Kocevska
Costimography by Milena Atanasova
Video Mapping by Petar John
Photography by Sasho Alushevski

Music program:
OAKE Live (DE)
Stroboscopic Artefacts / Downwards Records / 47
parhelic shell Live (FR)
Kornarion / NVNA

Desonanz Festival is organized in partnership by Goethe-Institut Skopje and Association of Citizens For New Arts 3.14 Broccoli.
The festival is supported by the City of Skopje and Institut francais de Skopje.