Skopje Cinema City

The 5th edition of the Skopje Cinema City Music Documentary Festival (September 2 – 7, 2019)

An exhibition of concert and promotional posters and prints titled “Travelogue” at the Museum of the City of Skopje on September 2 will start Skopje Cinema City . This year’s edition of the Cinema City Festival focuses on documentary films where the main role is given to the guitar and the people who have dedicated their lives to this instrument and in some way become synonymous with it. The film that will open the festival is “Keith Richards: Influenced”. “Influenced” is a portrait of Keith Richards, who is the heart and soul of Rolling Stones. After the projection, the guests can enjoy the solo performance of Vlatko Stefanovski.

Paul Gounon sculpture exhibit

At the invitation of the Acanthus Gallery, French artist Paul Gounon will visit Skopje as part of the European program I-Portunis.
We invite you on Friday, September 13, 2019, to the opening of his exhibition, inspired by the city of Skopje.

Country in Focus: Germany (MakeDox)

The country in focus is Germany, and things have perfectly aligned the tenth edition of MakeDox with the centenary of the Bauhaus establishment and the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The program will feature 8 German creative documentaries created over the past 20 years.

Come and join us at one of the screenings!

French Institute hosts 3 French artists at MakeDox

The MakeDox festival opens on Wednesday, August 21 at 8:00 pm in Kurshumli An with the exhibition “MakeDox Time Machine” and the screening of the documentaries “Misericordia” by Guzavie Marades and “And Everything Became a Song” by James Murphy.
The French Institute in Skopje supports the 10th jubilee edition of this festival, dedicated to the creative and innovative documentary film, hosted by three French artists: directors Anne George and Vincent Dieter and producer Victor Ed.

“Struga Poetry Evenings 2019”

In addition to the recipient of the Golden Wreath, the famous Romanian poetess Anna Blandiana, as well as to the recipient of the Bridges of Struga Award, the young Croatian poetess Monica Herceg, more than 30 of the invited foreign poets from a variety of countries have confirmed their participation in this year’s edition of the festival.

We will pinpoint a few of them, like Rafael Soler from Spain, eminent Spanish poet and storyteller; Satchidanandan, one of the most significant poets of India who writes also in Malayalam language; Mia Lecomte from Italy, poetess with French roots; István Kemény from Hungary, one of the most outstanding contemporary Hungarian poets; but also Yorgos Yannopoulos from Greece, a poet whom the Macedonian audience has to some degree met before.

The Festival will also feature the most esteemed poets from the Republic of North Macedonia, poets from different generations, as well as the poets that were selected for the competition for this year’s Brakja Miladinovci Award.

The festival is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

ConFront Drama with Sylvia Huszar and N.T. Anton Panov-Strumica

Annual ITI MK Program: Poor Little Rich Drama (dramatic or pathetic) 2019.

(Macedonian-Hungarian dramatic intersections)

Project: “ConFront Drama” a collaboration with Mrs. Sylvia Huszar (Hungarian creative producer in a theater), National Theater “Anton Panov” – Strumica, 27.International Chamber Festival “Risto Siskov”, Hungarian Cultural Season on the Western Balkan.

Initiators and co-organizers: Macedonian Center ITI/PRODUKCIJA, N.T. Anton Panov – Strumica.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Republic of North Macedonia, Hungarian Embassy in Republic of North Macedonia

Program producer: Ivanka Apostolova Baskar


The tenth golden edition will feature 70 creative documentary films including 9 Macedonian films, of which 8 national premieres.
MakeDox is not just a film festival. MakeDox is an experience. It is a place where different worlds meet embraced by the walls of long-standing Kurshumli An- a timeless space in the heart of the Old Turkish Bazaar, created for the exchange of goods and ideas. MakeDox is a force of different joined energies and filmmakers’ visions of the world we live in. People coming from all over the world, able to make good films. MakeDox lives and feeds on its love for people and the faith in them. Our festival opens new worlds to the audience and regenerates the vigor of all the people who contributed to its ten-year-old existence. Creative documentary films that take us to places that are rarely visited by most of us. They unite our desire to escape this world and live in someone else’s, in another place…

Traditional French Evening @ Ohrid Summer Festival


This year, the traditional French evening, part of the Ohrid Summer Festival, will be held on Saturday, August 10th at 8pm. The location is at St.Sophia in Ohrid with the fantastic duo Joe Christophe (clarinet) and Vincent Mussat (piano). 🎵🎼.Not to be missed!


Exhibition “Colored Collection of Joy” by Sasho Blazes in Ohrid

On Friday, August 2, at 8 pm, the Urania House – MANU House in Ohrid will host the solo exhibition of Ohrid artist Sasho Blazes entitled “Colored Collection of Joy”. 

The author of this exhibition will present his latest works produced in 2019. The exhibition will be opened by Mirko Vujisic, MA, Full Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. 

Sasho Blazes has put on display at this exhibition works that, with their pictorial emanation, have a new, evolutionary inclusive expression compared to his previous stages and processes. 

See you at the exhibition!

Minguet Quartet Concert

Minguet Quartet was founded in 1988 and is among the world’s most sought after string quartets, which featured in all major concert halls in the world. With his passionate and intelligent interpretations, they offers music that works soothingly and inspiratively – “for the merry of sound and expression with which the ensemble carries out the works revives even the smallest detail.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

The program includes works from:

Clara and Robert Schuman, Gubaidulina, Brahms

Start: 19: 30h

The entrance is free.