On 6 November, from 18:00 hrs, “Аудиенција” by Vaclav Havel, directed by Sibel Abdiu, will be shown at the National Theater.

Show your support and come for the premier of this project supported by the Delegation of the European Union.

Directed by Sibel Abdiu
Actors: Vlado Jovanovski and Cenap Samet
Composer: Slobodan Trajkoski
Stage design: Ujza Zhuri

Cinedays Festival of European Film

The 18th edition of the European Film Festival will take place  7-15 November. The Delegation of the European Union is proud to sponsor the cinematic European achievements on the big screen. In addition, a special “Off Cinedays” event is scheduled for November 16th.

Days of European Skopje

The event “Days of European Skopje”, which aims to mark the capital city Liberation Day – 13th of November in an authentic and different way, will be held this year from 25 October to 20 November in Skopje. The launch at Cultural Info Center will showcase three different photographers with different manuscripts, trying to piece together the city of Dresden. Workshops, lectures, readings etc. will be included in the program.

Eho Mountain Film Festival

Each day, thousands of people live their dreams in the mountains: they hike, climb, ski, explore caves, go kayaking through the river rapids or glide on the mountain winds. Each day, that passionate love of nature weaves stories that leave everyone breathless. The EHO of those adventures, carried by their simplicity and candor, reaches us – it inspires and motivates us to love and enjoy nature more passionately, to go beyond our limits, to continue furthering that energy through our stories.

Come and join us on the 10th edition of the Eho Mountain Film Festival

Week of the Italian Language in the World
  1. 21 Oct. 19.30 National Cinematheque of North Macedonija: Screening of Cabiria a masterpiece of the Italian cinema, projected with live music by M° Mario Mariani;
  2. 22 Oct. 20.00 Daut Pashin Amam: Theatrical performance of parts of plays by Goran Stefanovski, with Ana Stefanovska, Luca Cortina and Hristina Cvetanoska;
  3. 24 Oct. 19.00 MKC Seminar by Prof.ssa Uzunovic and concert by Bonadea on the work of Fabrizio De André, a famous Italian songwriter, after 20 years since he died;
  4. 25 Oct. 19.00 MKC presentation of the book by Luca Benassi, a famous Italian poet, with the author.
  5. During the week screening of Italian classical films will take place (full program).
Greek Film Festival

For the second year in a row, the Greek Film Festival, under the auspices of the Greek Embassy, invites you to a 4 day event to immerse and experience the Greek culture.

European Film Challenge – Kick Off Event

Blink 42-21 / Блинк 42-21 и Creative Europe Desk MEDIA MK ве покануваат на European Film Challenge – промотивен настан за одбележување на почетокот на првиот филмски предизвик во Северна Македонија.

19:00 ч.

– Најава на првиот Берлинале предизвик
– Прва проекција, по успешната премиера, на краткиот филм “Налепница“ во режија на Георги Унковски.
– Коктел забава и дружење со љубителите на европскиот филм


Налепница (2019) – филм на Георги Унковски

По неуспешниот обид да ја обнови својата сообраќајна дозвола, 37 годишниот Дејан во очаен обид да остане релевантен во животот на својата ќерка, запаѓа во серија бирократски стапици кои му го менуваат животот засекогаш.

Актери: Сашко Коцев, Мони Дамевски, Џевдет Јашари, Љупчо Тодоровски-Упа, Соња Стамболџиоска, Димитрија Доксевски, Калина Димитриовска, Анастасија Аневска и Матеј Настевски.

Директор на фотографија – Наум Доксевски, Сценографија – Кирил Спасевски, Костим Роза Трајческа, Маска и Шминка – Снежана Ангеловска и Ирена Сенокозолиоска. Монтажа – Мартин Иванов, Дизајн на звук – Сашко Потер Мицевски.

European Film Challenge

European Film Challenge ги промовира најновите европски филмски изданија и ја поврзува најголемата заедница на филмски љубители.
Предизвикот се случува истовремено во 8 европски земји, меѓу кои за прв пат и во Северна Македонија.

„BookStar“ European literature festival

Under the slogan “Beyond” from October 7 till October 10, the 5th edition of the Bookstar – European Literature Festival will be held, organized by the publishing house “Antolog”.


CZECH DAYS 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

This year the Czech Republic celebrates 30 years since the “Velvet Revolution” in Czechoslovakia. On this occasion, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Skopje organizes a series of events related to the celebration and the focus of these events is precisely the theme of the velvet revolution.

After Spring Comes Fall

Once a month on Thursday, Goethe – Institute Skopje, will host a German movie night at Kinoteka. The central theme is powerful women as leaders. All movies are shown with Macedonian and Albanian subtitles.