Other:Children’s Philosophy through the film with Dr. Joanna Hocken from France

The Philosophical Society of Macedonia, with the support of the Macedonian Film Agency, the City of Skopje, the French Institute in Skopje – Institut français de Skopje and the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje, and this year our great joy and the support of the only UNESCO Department of Philosophy for Children in world – Chaire Unesco “Pratiques de la philosophie avec les enfants” and its manager, prof. Dr. Edviz Shiruter invites you to the 9th Philosophical Film Festival with the program „ФИЛ(М)ОСОФИЈА ЗА ДЕЦА“ and our guest Dr. Johanna Howken from France.

Johanna Hawken is a Doctor of Philosophy and a practitioner whose passion for philosophy and the world of childhood is linked to the firm conviction of the possibility of creating a philosophical education for children (5-16 years of age). Guided by this conviction, she has been organizing philosophical workshops throughout France since 2009, and especially in Romanville (East Paris) where she created the House of Philosophy ( – experimental a structure devoted to philosophical practices with different groups of citizens. Hocken has published several books in the field of children’s philosophy, all of which reflect her belief that philosophy can be beneficial for all children, enabling them to truly interact with changes, through common reflection and in dialogue for our common existence.


12:30 – 14:30
Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje
Lecture: “The philosophy for children and the research of the worlds”
Lecture on Children’s Philosophy, as well as sharing the experience of introducing this philosophical practice in France (focus: “House of Philosophy” in Romanyville).

16:30 – 19:30
French Institute in Skopje – Institut français de Skopje
Workshop: “Fictional worlds, real worlds: The philosophy for children through film”

Workshop for teachers and other educational staff, students, and parents interested in the development of critical reflection and creative thought among children from the earliest age, in line with the recommendations of UNESCO.

We often think that philosophy is a rational, serious and hermetic discipline that thinks in an abstract and rigid world. But in reality, philosophizing, and especially with children, is the study of the issues that we all ask ourselves-questions about life, the world, about people. Besides philosophy, the film also asks for existence, but through fiction. Through his fictitious, cunning and research form, he is a valuable basis for initiating philosophical practice with children.

19: 30-21: 00
French Institute in Skopje – Institut français de Skopje
Projection of the French documentary on the philosophical practice with children “This is just the beginning” (Ce n’est qu’un debut, 2010) / Free entry, limited number of places

More info:
Location: Faculty of Philosophy - Skopje, Француски институт во Скопје - Institut français de Skopje
Date: 03/05/2019