Cinema:Hin und weg / Tour de Force movie 2014

Feature film, Germany

2014, 95 min., Color,

Directed by: Christian Zübert

Screenplay: Ariane Schröder, Christian Zübert (Ariane Schröder)

Cast:  Florian David Fitz, Julia Koschitz, Jürgen Voge

Friends of Hannes (Fitz) have no idea why he chose Belgium as a destination for their annual cycling tour. When they get to know the truth, they react shocked: Hanes suffers from an incurable neural disease ALS and wants to prevent the painful breakdown of his body.

The goal of the last bicycle tour of Hannes is a journey in search of the “death assistant” in Ostend. After the first shock, the group is gathering to re-glorify life, as never before, with its extremely ill friend and his wife – to the inevitable end. Through Hanse’s move, they realize how precious life is. Supported by excellent actors, the director, instead of the melodrama, manages to realize a tragicomic film.

Age category: 12 years

Start: 20:00h

More info:
Location: Cinematheque of North Macedonia
Date: 11/04/2019