The tenth golden edition will feature 70 creative documentary films including 9 Macedonian films, of which 8 national premieres.
MakeDox is not just a film festival. MakeDox is an experience. It is a place where different worlds meet embraced by the walls of long-standing Kurshumli An- a timeless space in the heart of the Old Turkish Bazaar, created for the exchange of goods and ideas. MakeDox is a force of different joined energies and filmmakers’ visions of the world we live in. People coming from all over the world, able to make good films. MakeDox lives and feeds on its love for people and the faith in them. Our festival opens new worlds to the audience and regenerates the vigor of all the people who contributed to its ten-year-old existence. Creative documentary films that take us to places that are rarely visited by most of us. They unite our desire to escape this world and live in someone else’s, in another place…

Location: Kurshumli An, Skopje
Date: 21/08/2019 to 28/08/2019