Cinema:Movie screening: Amelie rennt / Mountain Miracle

Young Amelie is sick of asthma; she is angry with God, the world, especially her parents and doctors. After a heavy attack, they are sent to South Tyrol for Amelie`s recover in a special clinic. But the girl also considers the therapy as terror and runs to the mountains. And joins the young Bart, a stubborn and helpful companion. During the search for the escaped girl, Amelie, with the support of Bart, reached its destination, the mountain peak. When climbing, they face a magical fire from St. John, who promises healing to the girl. Perhaps, in the end, it is the timid first love of love, which gives the sick Amelie at least a psychological new force.

Start: 20:00

Entrance: Free

More info:
Location: Cinematheque of North Macedonia
Date: 17/05/2019