Other:PRO-ZA BALKAN – International Literature Festival

First day 19th of May 2019

* Opening ceremony – Daut Pashin Hamam – 20:00 – 21:15 hours.
* Introduction of the writers and their works.
* Alek Popov, Svetislav Basara, Jagoda Mihajlovska-Georgieva, Teofil Pančic, Jedrt Lapuh Maležic, Tarik Tufan and Ivica Prtenjača will be presented by Aleksandar Prokopiev, Ermis Lafazanovski and Vladimir Jankovski.

Second day 20th of May 2019

* Ercan Kesal in Skopje! – Open discussion with Ercan Kesal – Turkish cultural center “Yunus Emre” – 17:00 to 18:00 hours. Moderators: Aleksandar Prokopiev and Dejan Trajkoski.

* Round Table “Literature, fear, politics” – EU info Center –19:00 to 20:30 hours.

The guest writers and the members form the “Skopje Fellowship Program” will participate. Moderator: Vladimir Jankovski.

* Meeting of the members of the “Skopje Fellowship” programme with representatives of the Macedonian Association of Publishers

Third day 21st of May 2019

* Closing festival ceremony and presentation of the award “Prozart” – Daut Pashin Hamam, 20:00 hours.

* The writers will read excerpts from their works.

* “Musicians’ cut”: Goce Jovanovski (Foltin) and Andrea Mircheska will perform experimental sound impression from the “Mission London” movie.

* Address by the 2019 Award winner – Alek Popov

* Address by the 2018 Award winner – Svetislav Basara

Fourth day 22nd of May 2019

* Additional Program – Screening of the “Mission London” movie by the writer Alek Popov in Cinematheque. Address by Alek Popov and panel with Aleksandar Prokopiev – starts at 21:00 hours.

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Date: 19/05/2019 to 22/05/2019