Readings:Promoting the novel “Material Fatigue” from Czech writer Marek Šindelka

In Skopje comes the young and successful Czech writer Marek Shindelka, who will promote his novel “Material Fatigue” published by “Antolog”. Book promoter will be Alex Bukarski. The translation of the work in Macedonian language is by Jasminka Delova-Siljanova and Daniela Ruse-Misevska.

Marek Šindelka (1984) is a Czech writer and poet. He studied culture at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague and the script of FAMU. The first poetry collection was awarded the “Jiří Orten Prize“. He is a double winner of the Magnesium Liter award.

The novel “Material Fatigue” is on a very actual topic – migration and describes the way to Europe of two brothers from an unnamed war-torn country. Their roads are suddenly separated and everyone goes on their own, without a map, without connections, without contacts. We are following the complex and painful road to the north, and at the same time we are reading in the book about Europe seen from the outside. Europe, which reminds us of a great machine that works. The only thing standing against that machine is the vulnerable human body. The body of an elderly person is reduced to a problem, to statistical data, to material.

Start: 19:30h

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Location: MKC
Date: 05/04/2019