Other:“Segalen and Rembo, crossed portraits” – literature lecture

Meeting and lecture on the subject of travel literature, with the participation of eminent writer’s and pathologists: Jean-Luc Coatamale, journalist and writer and Rony Demeessener, librarian and historian

“Segalen and Rembo, crossed portraits”

A writer and journalist of Brittany origin, Jean-Luc Coatamale writes about various magazines like Grands Reportages and Géo on the subject of trips. Novelist and essayist, this traveler has published the stories “The Mission in Paraguay”, published by Payot / Voyageurs 1993 and “Travel to Vietnam”, published by Le Dilettante 1999, La Table Ronde, Petite Vermillon 2008), comic novels as “Captain”, in the work of Flammarion 1991, “The son of the fakir”, in the background of Grasset 1998, Livre de Poche 2001. Co-authored two albums with the illustrator Lustall in Casterman.

Librarian and director of Book History Lessons, Rony Demesner collaborates with several magazines (Le Carnet et les Instants, Le Spantole, Inuits dans la jungle, …). For five year’s he hosted literary meetings in Bozar. In addition, he participates in the preparation of Rimbaud’s Dictionary published by Laffont (2014). Simultaneous translation included.

In the lobby of the Faculty of Philology in Skopje will be opened the exhibition “Travel in Pictures” by Nikola Buvie.

On this special occasion, the Geneva library borrowed  its photographs, facsimiles, and many other documents for this important Swiss writer and traveler.

Start: 10 am

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Location: Faculty of Philology
Date: 22/03/2019