Cinema:Skopje Film Festival Classic: FLAMENCO, Flamenco Documentary, Spain 2010, 97 min, color, Bluray

Directed by: Carlos Saura Screenplay by Carlos Saura,

Flamenco, Flamenco is an evolutionary music journey through the light, song and dance of the dynamic and lively art form. The film shows a concentrated dose of top performers of flamenco, veterans and younger dancers, singers and musicians, such as Sara Baras, Maria Bala, Paco de Lucia, Miguel Poveda … While in the previous documentary dedicated to Flamenco – Flamenco, 1995 – Carlos Saura deals with the historical roots and the eclectic background of this musical-dancer style, Flamenco, Flamenco treats him as a pure art form and an aesthetic experience for the audience, combining inserts inspired by the masterpieces by Picasso, Goya and Gustav Klimt with strictly ontrolirani camera movements to highlight the virtuoso performance of flamenco points tancherskite and music legends. The wonderful photograph in the film is Vittorio Storaro, the Oscar winner of the ICFF Manaki Brothers and received a lifetime achievement award, which for the second time collaborates with Saura on the topic flamenco.

Ticket: 50 den

Start: 18:00h

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Location: Cinematheque of North Macedonia
Date: 05/04/2019