Cinema:Skopje Film Festival Classics: Tango Featured film, Spain / Argentina 1998

Directed by: Carlos Saura,

115 min, color

The main character in the film, the director Mario Suarez is trying to make a movie about the tango. Lonely, after his wife (who was his main dancer) left him, he seeks painful and brutal topics from the past of Argentina, and at the same time gives her musicians and dancers freedom of expression that is indispensable to meet the tastes and expectations of the Argentine audience. The situation will culminate even more when the director will fall in love with the main dancer Elena, otherwise the girlfriend of the powerful gangster Anhello Laroka, who is also the main financier of the film. The creative vision of Mario will challenge the producers when he presents to them the plan for the scene that represents Argentina’s dark past from the second half of the last century, filled with political repression of military dictatorship and the “disappearance” of many democratic activists. As the realization of the film takes place, so the lines between reality and fiction are starting to lose … The photo of Vittorio Storaro, collaborator in several films of Saura, received a reward at the Cannes festival, and Tango was also a Spanish candidate for the Oscar Awards and the Golden Globe Award from the non-English speaking world.

Age category: 14 years

Ticket: 50 MKD

Start: 20:00h

More info:
Location: Cinematheque of North Macedonia
Date: 08/04/2019