Cinema:Skopje Film Festival Classics – Viridiana, Feature film, Spain / Mexico 1961

90 min., Black and white, Bluray

Directed by: Luis Buñuel

Viridiana (Pinal) is a merciful sister – tempted before she gave the final vow. The main merciful sister makes Viridiana visit her uncle, Don Haim (Ray), who was her guardian before coming to the monastery. Viridiana looks much like Chaim’s late wife, falls in love with her and in various ways tries to persuade her to stay beside him at the property.

Last night before leaving, Viridiana agrees to wear the bridesmaid of Don Haim’s wife. Don Haim’s daughter tells Viridiana that her father wants to suggest her marige. Viridiana is appalled by this idea and wants to leave, but her daughter puts drugs in the drink. Don Haim wears her in the bedroom and wants to rape her, but he shifts his mind at the last moment. The next morning, Don Chaim told Viridiana that she had taken her innocence and that she could not be dishonored to return to the monastery. Viridiana is still leaving, but police prevent her from boarding the bus, returning her property because her uncle hangs. Don Haim left half of Viridiana’s large estate, and she decides to stay.

Trying to ease the sense of guilt, Viridiana as an informal nun creates a paradise for the poor people who live around her uncle’s property. But little good comes from her good intentions … Viridiana is Luiz Bunuel’s first film shot in Spain after persecution that lasted 25 years. The film won the “Golden Palm” in Cannes in 1961.

Age category: 14 years

Ticket: 50 MKD

Start: 18:00h

More info:
Location: Cinematheque of North Macedonia
Date: 09/04/2019