Cinema:Skopje Film Festival Classic: Plácido – Featured film, Spain 1961

Plácido 85 min, color, bluray Directed by: Luis García Berlanga Colina, José Luis Font, etc.

Placido is a poor truck driver in a small Spanish town. He tries to earn enough to pay all installments for the purchased truck so that it will not be taken away. His family can not afford a home, they do not have money for rent, and Plácido seems to have no end to the plight and poverty. But during Christmas holidays, wealthy ladies in the town will decide to prove their “Christian” godliness by inviting homeless and poor fellow citizens to their sumptuous feasting dinners. So Placido will be in the company of a wealthy family, but as night falls, he will begin to reassess his views on the money and wealth he so desires. It’s not as he expected.

Age category: 13 years

Ticket: 50 MKD

Start- 20:00h

More info:
Location: Cinematheque of North Macedonia
Date: 05/04/2019