Theatre:Week of the Italian Language in the World

  1. 21 Oct. 19.30 National Cinematheque of North Macedonija: Screening of Cabiria a masterpiece of the Italian cinema, projected with live music by M° Mario Mariani;
  2. 22 Oct. 20.00 Daut Pashin Amam: Theatrical performance of parts of plays by Goran Stefanovski, with Ana Stefanovska, Luca Cortina and Hristina Cvetanoska;
  3. 24 Oct. 19.00 MKC Seminar by Prof.ssa Uzunovic and concert by Bonadea on the work of Fabrizio De André, a famous Italian songwriter, after 20 years since he died;
  4. 25 Oct. 19.00 MKC presentation of the book by Luca Benassi, a famous Italian poet, with the author.
  5. During the week screening of Italian classical films will take place (full program).

More info:
Location: Various locations
Date: 21/10/2019 to 25/10/2019